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Dice setting is a fairly recent phenomenon in the history of Craps.
Basically dice setting is having the ability of exerting some control over the random outcome of tumbling dice. This can be done by arranging the dice according to "sets" and /or gripping the die in a certain way. Minimizing bounce is another key element.
I believe that with enough practice you can influence the outcome of the dice. It's a skill that can be mastered much the same way a card sharp can manipulate a deck of cards.

Below are some examples of the names of some dice sets and grips.

Names of Dice sets
All Sevens Set
Hard Way Set
The 3 "V" Set
The 2 "V" Set
6/5 - 5/4 Set
Straight Sixes Set
Crossed Sixes Set
6/5 - 4/4 Set
6/4 - 5/6 Set

6/5-5/6 Set
Names of Dice grips
3-Finger Front Grip
3-Finger Front Diagonal Grip
2-Finger Pincer Grip
Ice Tong Grip
Stacked Grip
5-Finger Grip
2-Finger Front Diagonal Grip

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