Hold'em Hand names and nicknames

Hand names

400+ Hole Card Hand Names (Sorted by Card Rank) by Rich McComas (updated Dec 5, 2004)

A* - Bullet(s) (looks like a bullet, possibly a reference to the Dead Man's Hand, two pair of aces and eights, suggesting that Wild Bill drew a third bullet in the back, which filled his hand in death)
A* - MasterCard (the best card of its suit)
A* - Rocket(s) (looks like rockets)
A* - Seed(s) (???)
A* - As-Nas (the Persian game from which some think poker is derived, which is probably a french mis-spelling for Az-Nas, "my beloved Ace")
A* - Bull(s) (???)
A* - Eye(s) (probably from snake eyes in dice)
A* - Sharp Toy(s) (or sharp tops, sharp on top, see also A4)
A* - Spike (spiked on top)
A* - Spot (all numbered cards are spots, 5-spots, etc, and an ace is a one-spot, or just spot)
A* - Tee Pee(s) (looks like tee pees)
Ac - Puppyfoot (looks like one)
Ad - Pigs Eye (???)
A-A - Pocket Rockets (looks like rockets)
A-A - Alan Alda (an alliteration, star of Mash)
A-A - Eyes of Texas (from the Elvis Presley song, probably an elaboration on dice)
A-A - Needles (looks like needles)
A-A - Rat's Eyes (an elaboration from dice?)
A-A - Snake Eyes (from dice)
A-A - Sticks (looks like sticks)
A-A - Albert Anastasia (first mob boss killed gangland style in 1957, as per clevelandrounder on RGP)
A-A - Rocky Mountains (looks like mountains, from Mat Rampson)
ArAr - American Airlines (if both red, because the logo is red)
ArAr - Visine (if both red, two red eyes, it gets the red out, from Gary Phillips on RGP)
AsAc - Joe Louis (two black eyes, what you will get in the ring if you fight Joe Louis, from Gary Phillips on RGP)
AsAc - Banditerna (swedish for "the Bandits")
A-K - Big Slick (???, if same suit = Big Slick in a Suit)
A-K - Santa Barbara (due to a big oil spill off Santa Barbara)
A-K - Walking Back to Houston (gamblers who played this hand too strongly were often left with no getaway money)
AdKd - Mike Haven (Mike played two pre-flops all-in in a row with these cards to win the final table, coming from behind.)
AdKd - Barry Greenstein (from 5th annual JBWPO in Tunica MS, as per Hooter Huon)
AsKs - Exxon Valdez (if both spades, The Valdez created a big black oil slick in Alaska, as per Peder Jakobsen on RGP)
A-Q - Big Chick (imitating Big Slick)
A-Q - Anthony & Cleopatra (A & Queen)
A-Q - Big Trick (vulgar, reference to big slick, as per coninthian420 in RGP in 2004)
A-Q - Mrs Buttersworth (???)
A-Q - Not According to Doyle (because he never plays this hand, see also T2. Doyle was the first player to win $1 million in tour)
A-J - Ajax (Ace Jacks)
A-J - Arctic Highway (???)
A-J - Foamy Cleanser (ajax)
A-J - Jack Ass (jack ace)
A-Jo - Ace Jackoff (if off suit, from Bachelor Hand, sounds like a starship pilot, as per Paramecium on RGP)
AbJb - Black Jack (if both black, from 21)
A-T - Bookends (both ends of a top straight)
A-T - Johnny Moss (???, Poker hall of fame, won the WSOP in 70, 71 and 74)
A-9 - Rounders Hand (from the movie)
A-9 - Driving the Truck (from the movie, Rounders, as per Jay DeucesUp on RGP)
A-9o - Chris Ferguson (Chris has been said to look like Jesus and used an A9 twice to win the 2000 WSOP)
A-9o - Jesus (see Chris Ferguson)
Ac9c - McDerment (if both clubs, Matt Damon lost all his money with this in the movie Rounders, as per clevelandrounder on RGP)
A-8 - Dead Man's Hand (Wild Bill Hickok was holding aces and eights when he was shot in the back by Jack McCall in the M)
A-7 - Red Barron (Sven, the Flying Ace)
A-6 - Mile High (the Flying Ace and sex, or Airplane and Sex)
A-5 - High Five (Ace "high five")
A-4 - Amen (pronounced Ah-men, the traditional 'amen' cadence in church music is IV to I)
A-4 - Sharp Tops (these two cards both have sharp tops)
A-4 - Filipino Aces (derogatory misreading of two sharp tops)
A-4 - Transvestite (because you anticipated a second Ace, but were quite disappointed when you looked closely)
A-4o - Crashing Airlines (because peeking at the corners, sometimes people mistake a 4 for an A, as per The Beet Man on RGP)
A-3 - Baskin Robbins (31 Flavors)
A-3 - Ashtray (imitates Ace-trey)
A-2 - Acey-Duecy (from the game, as per b_add9 on RGP)
A-2 - Hunting Season (A Bullet and a Duck)
A-2 - Shocker (possibly from the band AC/DC which sounds like AceDuece, and their album, Shocker)
A-2 - Arizona (AZ, Z looks like a 2)
A-2 - Big Balls (if you raise with it, song by AC/DC which sounds like AceDuece, as per Bill Henderson)
A-2 - Highway to Hell (if you call with it, song by AC/DC which sounds like AceDuece, as per Bill Henderson)
A-2 - Problem Child (if you make a pair of aces, song by AC/DC which sounds like AceDuece, as per Bill Henderson)
A-2 - The Candlestick (???, as per Supe and friends on RGP)
Ab2r - Shocker (sexual reference, two fingers in the front and a pinky in the back is called a shocker)
Ab2b - Back in Black (if both black, song by AC/DC which sounds like AceDuece, as per Bill Henderson)
K* - Cowboy(s) (starts with K sound)
K* - Man (because a king is a man)
K* - Ace Magnet(s) (because they draw out aces to beat you)
K* - Gorilla(s) (from King Kong)
K* - K-Boy(s) (Starts with K)
K* - King Kong (King K*ng)
K* - Monarch(s) (kings)
K* - Sergeant(s) (from K company)
K* - Eds (???)
Kc - Alexander (from Alexander the Great, one of the"four original kings" put on cards in fourteenth-century Europe)
Kd - One-eyed King (the king of diamonds is the only one with a side view of his face)
Kd - Jack Nicholson (mad man with an ax, aka "Heeere's Johnny")
Kd - Julius Caesar (one of the"four original kings" put on cards in fourteenth-century Europe)
Kd - Man with the Axe (the king of diamonds is the only one holding an axe)
Kh - Charlemagne or Charles (from King Charles VII of France, one of the"four original kings" put on cards in fourteenth-century)
Kh - King without a Mustache (the king of hearts is the only one with a mustache)
Kh - Suicide King (the king of hearts has a sword at his head)
Ks - David (from the Biblical King, one of the"four original kings" put on cards in fourteenth-century Europe)
K-K - Cold Turkey (term borrowed from five card stud, a pair of kings, back to back, on the first two cards)
K-K - Cowboy Wolford (from Byron "Cowboy" Wolford, not sure of reason)
K-K - Gorillas in the Mist (from the movie starring Sigourney Weaver)
K-K - Kangaroos (kangaroos are used on children's alphabet cards to illustrate a K)
K-K - Kinkerbells (courtesy of Vince Van Patton on Celebrity Poker)
K-Q - Divorce (if it loses, and Marriage if it wins)
K-Q - Ferdinand and Isabella (Spanish King & Queen)
K-Q - Lucy & Ricky (king and queen of TV)
K-Q - Royal Couple (king and queen)
K-Q - Parents (they are parents of the prince, as per Mat Rampson)
K-Qo - Mixed Marriage (if off-suit, comes from the game of pinochle)
K-Qo - Othello (as per Mat Rampson)
K-Qs - Marriage (if suited, comes from the game of pinochle)
K-J - Kojak (mimics KJack)
K-J - Bachelor's Hand (if off-suit "Jack-King-Off")
K-J - Harry Potter (written by JK Rowling)
K-J - King John (KJ)
K-J - Tucson Monster (???)
K-J - King Jackoff (if off suit, a reference to the Bachelor Hand, as per cpowers38 from RGP)
K-J - People Who Need People (Barbara Streisand Song, the luckiest hand in the world when it pays off)
K-T - Big Al (???, named after Big Al Emerson)
K-T - Katie or Katy (imitative)
K-T - Woodcutter (off suit, possibly from the Legend of King Edward and the Woodcutter???)
K-9 - Pair of Dogs (from canine)
K-9 - Canine (sounds like k9)
K-9 - Dirty Dog (if both are black)
K-9 - Mongrel (from canine)
K-9 - Pedigree (from canine)
K-9 - Bird Dog (A dog that hunts birds, if you play it you join the rail birds)
K-9 - Bust-All (Named after Joe Abrahan from Los Angeles, as per Hooter Huon)
K-9 - Dog Pound (see canine)
K-9 - Dope Dog (In Mississippi Casinos, as per Hooter Huon)
K-9 - Fido, What a Dog (a derivative of canine)
K-9 - The Mutt (see canine)
K-9 - Turner & Hooch (from the movie, see canine, as per Supe and friends from RGP)
K-9o - Sawmill (if you play K9 off-suit too much you'll end up working)
Ks9s - Bob Barker (game show host, last name barker as in canine, Barker believes in spading dogs, as per Dealer Buttons on RGP
K-8 - The Feast (the King Ate)
K-8 - Kokomo (imitative)
K-8 - Dr Spoon (The Dentist's Favorite Hand, as per Hooter Huon)
K-8 - Gorilla Biscuits (old school hardcore band) (Old school hardcore band, as per Mat Rampson)
K-8 - Monica Lewinsky (she ate the king)
K-8 - My Girlfriend Kate (sounds like kate, as per Mat Rampson)
K-7 - Columbia River (there's no place like the Columbia River to grab the King Salmon when they run)
K-7 - King Salmon (in the northwest, the say "seven" like "saban," see King Crab)
K-7 - Kevin (K seven sounds like Kevin, as per Supe and friends from RGP)
K-6 - The Concubine (the with whom the King has sex)
K-5o - Rotten Cowboy (because peeking at the corners, sometimes people mistake a 5 for a K, as per The Beet Man on RGP)
K-4 - F**king the Queen (what is a king for?, as per Skins on RGP)
K-4 - Fork (Four K, if off suit = Fork Off, if spades = Spork)
K-3 - King Crab (3 looks like crab)
K-3 - Alaska Hand (from Alaskan King Crag)
K-3 - Sizzler (the home of all-you-can-eat King Crab)
K-3 - Commander Crab (a derivative of King Crab)
K-2 - White Men Can't Jump (from the movie, they play the king and the duck at the end of the film, as per Supe and friends )
K-2o - Big Fritz (???, off suit)
Q* - Lady(ies) (if they win, but if they lose they are whores)
Q* - Broad(s) (if they lose)
Q* - Girls (a euphemism for whores, only if they lose, coined by Swen Larsen)
Q* - Madam (if it wins, with respect, referring to a senior hostess in a poker house, or if it loses, referring to the proprietor of a house of ill-repute)
Q* - Whores (only if they lose, but if they win, they are ladies)
Q* - Bitch(es) (from the poker game, Follow the Bitch, where the card after a queen is wild)
Q* - Dame(s) (if they lose)
Q* - Dyke(s) (vulgar, if they lose)
Q* - Hen(s) (female chickens)
Q* - Hooker(s) (if they lose, but if they win, they are ladies)
Q* - Joy Girl(s) (if they lose, a reference to prostitutes)
Q* - Mop Squeezer(s) (politically incorrect, women in the kitchen)
Q* - Puta (vulgar, Spanish whore, only if she loses)
Q* - Stenographer(s) (traditionally a women's job, came from 1930's term for Queens, typewriter)
Q* - Typewriter (see stenographer)
Q* - Witch(es) (if she loses, Lady if she wins)
Q* - Girls with Curls (???)
Qc - Argine (one of the "four original queens" put on cards in fourteenth-century France, may represent Juno, the)
Qd - Rachel (the biblical Rachel, one of the "four original queens" put on cards in fourteenth-century France)
Qh - Helen of Troy (one of the "four original queens" put on cards in fourteenth-century France)
Qh - Judith (from the Bible, one of the "four original queens" put on cards in fourteenth-century France)
Qs - Black Maria (a variant of the game of Hearts, where the Queen of Space is 13 points, but King and Ace are also p)
Qs - Calamity Jane (Martha Jane Canary who was buried in Deadwood next to Wild Bill Hickok)
Qs - Maria (aka Black Maria, a variant of the game of Hearts, where the Queen of Space is 13 points, but King a)
Qs - Molly Hogan (???)
Qs - Pallas Athena (one of the "four original queens" put on cards in fourteenth-century France)
Qs - Slippery Anne (a variant of the game of Hearts, where the Queen of Space is 13 points, but King and Ace are also p)
Q-Q - Siegfried and Roy (two queens)
Q-Q - Canadian Rockets (???, or Canadian Aces, because they revere the Queen of England)
Q-Q - Four tits (vulgar)
Q-Q - Pair of Wire Cutters (dikes)
Q-Q - San Francisco Wedding (gay reference)
Q-Q - Two Chicks at the Same Time (sexual reference)
Q-Q - Jailhouse Rock (homosexuality in prison)
Q-Q - Hilton Sisters (jet set party girls Paris & Nicki Hilton)
Q-J - Maverick (from Maverick TV show theme song, "Livin' on jacks and queens. Maverick is a legend of the west.")
Q-J - Fred & Ethel (if Lucy and Ricky are KQ)
Q-J - Oedipus Rex (incestuous mother and son)
QsJd - Pinochle (the big hand in pinochle)
Q-T - Goolsby (???, named for Everett Goolsby, well known Texas gambler. Crony of Doyle Brunson,Cowboy Wolford, Bennie )
Q-T - Greyhound (if you play it you ought to catch the next greyhound out of town)
Q-T - Quint (imitative)
Q-T - Robert Varkonyi (in the 2002 WSOP, Varkonyi knocked out Phil Hellmuth? and eventually won the final event with thi)
Q-T - Gratitude (ten-q, thank you, as per Will Johnson on RGP)
QsTs - Chipwich (???, if both spades)
Q-9 - Quinine (imitative, from lowball)
Q-8 - Face Sitter (vulgar, the queen ate)
Q-8 - Kuwait (sounds like Kuwait, as per Mat Rampson)
Q-7 - Computer Hand (there is a story of an early computer simulation in which Q7 was a break-even hand)
Q-6o - Peanut Butter & Jelly (???, off-suit)
Q-5 - GrannyMae (if both spades, an old-time player, Granny=Queen, Mae=5th Month, some say Q5 spades was her favorit)
Q-4 - B-Diddy (???, the rap artist)
Q-3 - Gay Waiter (queen with a tray)
Q-3 - Posh Gay Waiter (queen with a tray, only if 3 is spades)
Q-3 - San Francisco Bus Boy (queen with a tray)
Q-3 - Bitch with Crabs (queen, with a three that looks like a crab, as per felixgufin from RGP)
Q-2 - Windsor Waiter (queen with a tray)
Q-2 - Aunt Jemima (see Mrs. Buttersworth)
Q-2o - The Vesty (coined by Chris Wiley from RGP in honor of a friend they know that wins with it)
J* - Boy(s) (the male children in the kingdom)
J* - Hook(s) (vulgar, jack's in the hole)
J* - Jackal(s) (starts with J)
J* - Jackson(s) (starts with J)
J* - Jacksonville (starts with J)
J* - Jacksonville Florida (starts with J)
J* - Jake(s) (starts with J)
J* - J-bird(s) or Jaybird(s) (starts with J)
J* - J-boy(s) or Jayboy(s) (starts with J)
J* - John(s) (starts with J)
J* - Johnny(ies) (imitative)
J* - Knave(s) (subject to the king)
J* - Valet(s) (French)
Jc - Lancelot (Sir Lancelot from the knight of King Arthur's Round Table, one of the original Jacks on cards in 14)
Jd - Hector (the hero of Troy, one of the original Jacks on cards in 14th century France)
Jd - Roland (Charlemagne's nephew, one of the original Jacks on cards in 14th century Europe)
Jh - La Hire (The Hero" of France, Etienne de Vignoles, a knight under Charles VII of France, one of the origina)
Js - Hogier (Hogier La Danois, one of Charlemagne's lieutenants, one of the original Jacks on cards in 14th cent)
Js - Ogier (Ogier the Dane, a fictitious hero built on Hogier that went to Avalon and returned after 200 years )
Js - Eunuch (spaded, or castrated Jack)
J-J - Two Jakes (the movie sequel to "Chinatown" staring Jack Nicholson and Harvey Keitel)
J-J - Dyne-O-Mite (JJ from TV's "Good Times")
J-J - Fishhooks (they look like them, and because fish get beat with over-pairs)
J-J - Jack Jackson (an alliteration)
J-J - Jackson Hole (city in Wyoming, Jacks in the hole)
J-J - Railbound (If you play this heavy, you are bound for the rail)
J-J - Wyoming Twins (from Jackson Hole, WY, coined by Al Morris))
J-J - SHIP (Shittiest Hand In Poker, because you always raise pre-flop and still get beat)
JsJh - One-eyed Jacks (if the jack of spades and the jack of hearts, both side views)
J-T - Morgan (JT Morgan, the financier)
J-9 - Braggars (jacks and nines are wild in the game of Bragg)
J-9 - Jeanine (imitative)
J-9 - Virgin Princess (nein to Jack)
J-9 - Emergency (9-11, as per clevelandrounder on RGP)
J-9 - Lobster Trap (???)
J-8 - Jeffery Dalmer (he ate Jack, serial killer who ate his victims)
J-7 - Dice (7-11, winning dice at craps, as per clevelandrounder on RGP)
J-6 - Railroad Hand (say it rhythmically, jacks and sixes, jacks and sixes)
J-6 - Jeff Talley (???)
J-6 - Jack Sikma (from the Seattle Sonics)
J-5 - Motown (record label for Jackson Five)
J-5 - Jackson Five (Michael Jackson's childhood group)
J-5 - The Meat (vulgar, probably about jacking off with five fingers)
J-4 - Flat Tire (what's a jack for?)
J-4 - Done Hand (when you play it, you're usually done)
J-4 - Austin Squatty (named after John "Austin Squatty" Jenkins due to his penchant for raising and reraising with this hand)
J-4 - Full Employment (because "If you play J4, you'll always have a day job.")
J-4 - Jermaine (it is the Jackson Five, minus one, as per Robbie C on RGP)
J-4 - Kid Grenade (after a poker dealer who when he played was "liable to go off at any moment")
J-3 - Bird Table (jay tray, as per Edward Bird on RGP)
J-3 - Fortran (The J-3 committee is responsible for developing Fortran, as per Bill Henderson on RGP)
J-3 - Jennifer Lopez (aka J-Lo, 3 is low, as per Richard Serton on RGP)
J-3 - San Francisco Waitress (Lesbian, as per Hooter Huon)
J-2 - Bennifer (J-Lo-2, nickname for Ben Aflec once connect to Jennifer Lopez, probably some hand he played on Cele)
J-2 - The Jew (Jtwo sounds like Jew, as per Supe and friends on RGP)
T* - Dime(s) (ten cents)
Tr - Big Casino (either of the red tens)
Td - Big Casino (from the game, Casino, see Little Casino)
T-T - Tension (imitative)
T-T - Twenty Miles (thirty miles if you flop a set)
T-T - Thirty Days (???, 30 days said the judge)
T-9 - Count Down (ten nine )
T-8 - Tetris (imitative)
T-8 - Golden Dan (???)
T-8 - Tenaciously (the only hand that tells you how to play itself)
T-7 - Bowling Hand (the difficult ten-seven split)
T-7 - Split (a bowling reference, a ten-seven split)
T-6 - Driver's License (because you get your driver's license at 16, as per Chris Wiley on RGP)
T-6 - Ringwold (Molly Ringwold, the star of the movie, Sweet Sixteen, as per Bill Henderson on RGP)
T-6 - Stoudemire (Amare Stoudemire is 6' 10", as per M Lindon on RGP)
T-6 - Sweet Sixteen (six and ten, as per M Lindon on RGP)
T-5 - Woolworth (the Five and Dime store chain)
T-5 - Nickels and Dimes ()
T-5 - Barbara Hutton (the Woolworth dime store heiress, 5 & dime)
T-5 - Dime store (from 5 & dime)
T-4 - Broderick Crawford or Brokerick (from 50s "Highway Patrol," who said "10-4" into radio)
T-4 - CB Hand (ten-four is CB radio language for OK)
T-4 - Over and Out (two-way radio language for end of conversation, ten-four is radio language for OK)
T-4 - Roger That (two-way radio language for OK, ten-four is also radio language for OK)
T-4 - The Good Buddy (old trucker radio language, ten-four is CB language for OK)
T-4 - Adam 12 (from the TV Police Show, ten-four)
T-4 - The Trucker (from CB radio, as per Supe and friends on RGP)
T-4 - We got us a Convoy (from the old trucker song, Ten-Four good buddy)
T-3 - Weinberg (???, possibly referring to Steven Weinberg, Nobel Laureate in Physics)
T-2 - Doyle Brunson (he won 2 back to back WSOPs with this hand)
T-2 - Texas Dolly (Doyle "Texas Dolly" Brunson twice won the WSOP in 1975 and 1976 turning these hole cards into full )
T-2 - Terminator II (T2 is abbreviation for Terminator II)
9* - Neener(s) (imitative)
9* - Nina Ross (neener for nine)
9* - Nina(s) (imitative)
9* - Pot hook(s) (looks like them)
9d - Scourge of Scotland (aka Curse of Scotland - because every ninth Scottish king was a tyrant and diamonds were a symbol o)
9-9 - German Virgin (nein, nein!)
9-9 - Gretzky (hockey player's uniform)
9-9 - Barbara Feldon (played Agent 99 on Get Smart)
9-9 - Phil Helmuth (he won the 1989 WSOP with this hand)
9-9 - Popeye's (???)
9-9 - Prince (from his song, gonna party like it's 1999, as per Chris Wiley)
9-8 - Oldsmobile (the Olds 98 car)
9-7 - Grapefruit (Grapefruit, 79 cents a pound)
9-7 - Monkey See Monkey Do (???)
9-6 - Big Lick (69, sexual reference to Big Slick)
9-6 - Breakfast of Champions (69, sexual reference)
9-6 - Dinner for Two (69, sexual reference)
9-6 - Joe Bernstein (???, a gambler from the 30s, a sharp road gambler. Joe was known as a dapper dresser at the poker t)
9-6 - Soixante Neuf (pronounced swa-za-noof, which is 69 in French)
9-6 - The Good Lover (69, sexual reference)
9-6 - Gutter Slut (vulgar, as per Supe and friends on RGP)
9-6 - Happy Meal (69, sexual reference)
9-6 - Overtime (one more hour than working 9-5, as per Chris Wiley)
9-6 - Percy (off suit, 69 sexual reference)
9-6s - Prom Night (if suited because the wear a tux on prom night, 69 sexual reference)
9-5 - Office Hours (because these are typical office hours, coined by George Coffin)
9-5 - Dolly Parton (from the movie 9 to 5)
9-5 - Hard Working Man (works 9 to 5)
9-5 - Betty Hutton (from a version of stud with nines & fives wild)
9-4 - Joe Montana Banana (49ers quarterback, borrowed from 92 Montana Banana, when he was benched the joke was 49 unsuited)
9-4 - San Francisco (49ers, the football team)
9-3 - Jack Benny (always 39 years old)
9-3 - Buns Madrick (???)
9-2 - Twiggy (from the 70's model's top measurement of 29)
9-2o - Montana Banana (either the proposition # that legalized poker in Montana or because bananas will grow in Montana be)
8* - Ocho (Spanish for eight)
8* - Frog Eyes (looks like them)
8* - Hogs or Hognuts (looks like them)
8-8 - Snowmen (looks like two snowmen)
8-8 - Little Oldsmobile (big was olds 98, smaller car called olds 88)
8-8 - Mighty Wurlitzer (the number of keys on the organ)
8-8 - Dog Balls or Dawg Bawls (looks like them)
8-8 - Racetrack (goes round and round like a race track)
8-8 - Two Fat Ladies (looks like two fat ladies)
8-8 - Catnuts (because they look like them)
8-8 - Infinity and Beyond (from toy story, 8 on side is infinity)
8-7 - RPM (78 records)
8-7 - Tahoe (from the seven/8 variation of hold'em)
8-6 - Eubie (If you play these, you be broke)
8-6 - Maxwell Smart (from TV show Get Smart, agent 86, see also 99)
8-6 - Henry Bowen (a Texas gambler, ???)
8-6 - Pacheco Nuts (???, off-suit)
8-5 - Finky Dink (if you play this hand, you will lose your money, and want to exclaim F*** a Duck, but then change i)
8-5 - Nacogdoches Gumbo (???)
8-5 - Cornerstone (if clubs then Cornerstone Crusher, ???, as per Xmas and friends on RGP)
8-5 - The Scag (named after Paramecian from RGP, because it seems to flop straights or boats)
8-4 - Big Brother (from George Orwell's book titled "1984")
8-4 - George Orwell (author of the book titled "1984")
8-3 - Raquel Welch (38=TopHeavy, if unsuited=Raquel Welch in Playboy Magazine)
8-3 - Sven (???)
8-3 - 38 Special (38 special, a type of gun, as per Mat Rampson)
8-3 - Most Feared Hand in Hold'em (???)
8-3o - Suzanna Banana (if off-suit, ???)
8-2 - Fat lady and a duck (8s are fat ladies, and 2s are ducks)
8-2 - Sixty Nine (I ate too)
7* - Corn Cutter(s) (because they look like corn stalk cutting tools)
7* - Salmon (imitative of seven, a hand for fish)
7* - Savanna (imitative of seven)
7* - Heaven (a rhyme, from rgposter's little brother on RGP)
7* - Honeysticks (???)
7* - Meathook(s) (because they look like them, from an RGPers old college professor)
7* - Sheep Posts (they look like a seven, as per clevelandrounder on RGP)
7* - Walking Stick(s) (looks like walking sticks, as per Mat Rampson)
7-9 - Yugo (Named after a gentleman at Sycuan Casino, as per Hooter Huon)
7-7 - Buggy Tops (looks like it)
7-7 - Hockey Sticks (looks like them)
7-7 - Mullets (because of the hair style, flat in front, long in back)
7-7 - Saturn (Saturn VII Rocket)
7-7 - Sunset Strip (from "77 Sunset Strip," a TV series that aired from '58-'64 starring Efrem Zimbalist Jr.)
7-6 - Union Oil (Union 76 gas stations)
7-6 - Trombones (from the song "76 Trombones", from the movie "Music Man")
7-6 - America (1776, the birth of the nation, as per Chris Wiley)
7-5 - Heinz 57 Sauce (Heinz invented 57 different sauces)
7-5 - Pickle Man (refers to Heinz of 57 sauces fame)
7-5 - Killing Fields (Communist regime in Cambodia started in 1975, as per Hooter Huon)
7-5o - Filipino Slick (???, off suit)
7-4 - Barn Owl (???)
7-4o - Cambodian Slick (???, off-suit)
7-3 - Dutch Waiter (Sven with a Tray)
7-3 - Swedish Busboy (Sven with a Tray, see also San Francisco Busboy and Dutch Waiter)
7-3o - Rusty Trombone (???, as per The Beet Man on RGP)
7-2 - Beer Hand (If you win with this, you have to buy everyone a round)
7-2 - The Terminator (???, 27)
7-2 - The Whip (the Worst Hand In Poker, as per Supe and friends on RGP)
7-2 - A Little Slice of Heaven (sarcasm, see WHIP, as per Supe and friends on RGP)
7-2 - Par (I made par, a golf term)
7-2 - The Fridge (After football player "The Refrigerator" William Perry)
7-2o - Death (because you are dead if all-in with this hand, and because average age of death is 72, as per Chris Wiley)
7-2o - The Big Man Hand (because it takes a big man to play it, as per friends of McD on RGP)
6* - Boot(s) (looks like a boot)
6* - Sax (imitative)
6* - Sex (imitative)
6* - Sickening (imitative, and embarrassed to show it)
6-6 - Route 66 (The road from Chicago to LA)
6-6 - Hellish (from 666 in the Book of Revelations)
6-6 - Kicks (get your kicks on route 66)
6-6 - Phillips (Phillips 66 Gas Stations)
6-5 - Ken Warren (won with this hand at WSOP)
6-4 - Rabbit (???)
6-4 - The Question (from TV's $64000 Question)
6-4 - LBJ (the year he became president, see JFK, as per RazzO on RGP)
6-4 - Revolution (from the Beetles song)
6-3 - Blocky (another nickname of Broomcorn from the story in Super/System. He used to play 63 as an ambush hand)
6-3 - Blocky (???, nickname of Lawrence Herron or Herring, a gambling contemporary of Moss, Binion, Titanic Thompson, )
6-3 - JFK (the last year he was president, see LBJ, as per RazzO on RGP)
6-3 - Jimmy Somerfield (Jimmy won a huge pot in Tunica after a dealer told him to play this hand, he was the tournament director at the 5th JBWPO)
6-3 - Three Dozen (36 is three dozen, people think you are going to say three of a kind)
6-2 - Bed & Breakfast (darts term for shooting 20+5+1, also Bingo term, 2 shillings and 6 pence being the cost of a B&B)
6-2 - Ainsworth (???, possibly a reference to someone in the Australian Ainsworth family, known as the poker machin)
5* - Magic Number (from five card hands, etc)
5* - Fever (imitative, as in "Fever in the North, and the Doctor went South" when it loses)
5* - Five-spot (can add spot to any card)
5* - Pedro (because 5s are important in the game of Pedro)
5-5 - Presto (originally a blackjack term, later adopted by rec.gambling hold'em players due to magical experience)
5-5 - Speed Limit (55 MPH)
5-5 - Double Nickels (five cents per nickel)
5-5 - Irwin? (After RGer Frank Irwin, when someone wins and says "presto," another RGer countersigns with "Irwin?)
5-5 - Sammy (Sammy Hagar, who sang, I can't drive 55, used in Pacific Northwest)
5-4 - Colt 45 (the gun, and the beer)
5-4 - Jesse James (because the outlaw was rumored to have been shot by a .45.)
5-3 - Bully Johnson (???)
5d3d - Redbird Shifter (if both diamonds, ???)
5-2 - Two Bits (25 cents)
5-2 - Quarter (25 cents)
4* - One Legged Ace (because they are missing a leg)
4* - Quatro (Spanish for four)
4* - Sharp Top(s) (because they have sharp tops, Aces are sharp toys)
4* - Sore Spot (rhymes with 4-spot)
4* - Crooked House(s) (looks like crooked houses, as per Mat Rampson)
4* - Drunk Man's Ace (pointy top, looks like an ace)
4c - Devil's bedpost (???, possibly four poster bed)
4-4 - Sailboats (looks like two sails)
4-4 - Darth Vader (the two black fours are the "dark force")
4-4 - Diana Dors (her top measurement)
4-4 - Magnum (the .44 cal gun)
4-4 - Canadian Presto (lower than 55, which is called Presto)
4-4 - The Poker Dean (???)
4-3 - Waltz Time (3/4 meter)
4-2 - Lumberman's Hand (a 2x4)
4-2 - Lumberjack (a 2x4)
4-2 - The Answer (from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the computer decided that the answer to everything in the univ)
4-2 - The Miracle (if it wins, from Miracle on 42nd Street)
3* - Trey(s) (???, Spanish for 3)
3* - Crab(s) (because a 3 looks like it has pincers)
3-2 - Mites & Lice (because they are parasites)
3-2 - Nits & Buggers (because they are parasites)
3-2 - Aggie Slick (a putdown of Texas A&M poker players who think this is a good hand and play it)
3-2 - Little Pete (???)
3-2 - Mississippi Slick (derogatory reference to Mississippians who value 3-2 as much as big slick A-K)
3-2 - Polish Big Slick (a bad Pollock joke mimicking AK Big Slick)
3-2o - Can of Corn (???, off-suit)
3-2o - Big Gulp (it was the first 32oz drink)
3-2b - O J (if spades or clubs, OJ Simpson, if it wins, or "Ron & Nicole" if it loses, as per Chris Wiley)
3-2s - Hooter Hand (suited, minimum measurements to fit the uniform)
3-2s - Jordan (suited Michael Jordan, uniform number)
2* - Deuce(s) (probably from the French word for two, duex)
2* - Duck(s) (from duex, French word for two, also a 2 looks like a duck)
2* - Dewey Duck (in pun, Asian pan players call a deuce a Gooey Duck)
2* - Water Chickens (ducks)
2c - English Joker (named after English Peter, who catches it whenever he draws to a high hand that does not need it, or to a low hand that has another deuce)
2s - Curse of Mexico (a parody on Scourge of Scotland)
2s - Little Casino (from the game, Casino, see Big Casino)
2-2 - Barely Legal (just over 21)
2-2 - Deuces Never Loses (bad rhyme)
2-2 - Pocket Swans (looks like swans)
2-2 - Quackers (see ducks)
2-2 - Mini me (from the Austin Powers movies, as per clevelandrounder on RGP)

Source: www.holdemsecrets.com

For a comprehensive list of other poker terms, visit: www.planetpoker.com/games/dictionary

*=any single, o=offsuit, r=red, b=black, c=clubs, d=diamonds, h=hearts, s=spades or suited

Poker nicknames

200 Timeless Poker Insults by Rich McComas (updated Apr 24, 2004)


Agent - An illegal partner helping someone cheat (1979)
Base Dealer - Bottom dealer (1979)
Bottom Dealer - A Cheat who Deals from the bottom of the deck (1984)
Card Mob - Two or more players working as a team to cheat others (1979)
Cellar Dealer - A Cheat who Deals from the bottom of the deck (1991)
Chiseler - Someone who borrows money and doesn't pay it back (1979)
Colluder - Someone who cheats with another player in the game ()
Confederate - An illegal partner helping someone cheat (1979)
Crumb Bun - Someone who borrows money and doesn't pay it back (1979)
Flat - Crooked (1984)
Good Man - A skilled poker cheat (1979)
Greek - A crooked player (1949)
Gyp - A poker crook or cheat (1979)
Hand Mucker - A card cheat who specializes in palming, holding out of play and reintroducing valuable cards into a game (1979)
Holdout Artist - A cheat who doesn't divide his winnings fairly with his confederates (1979)
Mechanic (Card) - A crooked dealer, One who unfairly manipulates the cards (1967)
Moustache - A term of opprobrium, a no-good person (1984)
Number Two Man - Someone who specializes in dealing the second card from the top (1991)
Paper Worker - A cheat who uses marked cards (1991)
Paperhanger - A person who passes bad checks (1979)
Partners - A team of players in a sophisticated poker game using signals to cheat others (1979)
Philosopher - European term for a card cheat (1967)
Scammer - One who colludes with another player to seek an advantage (1984)
Second Dealer - One who deals seconds, who cheats as a dealer (1991)
Seconds Dealer - One who deals seconds, who cheats as a dealer (1984)
Sharp (Card) - A cheater who manipulates the deck (1984)
Sharper - A crooked player (1949)
Shill - A crooked accomplice, or a house man (1949)
Subway Dealer - Bottom dealer (1979)
Thief - A cheat, usually a mechanic or a scammer (1984)
Tommer - Bad person, opposite of George, which is imitative of great (1984)
Welsher - Someone who reneges on a lost wager or debt (1979)
Zebra - A poker player who has served time in Jail (1949)


Angle Shooter - One who takes unfair advantage of another player (1984)
Bird Dog - Someone who hustles players from one club to another (1984)
Blind Robber - Someone with weak cards who forces the blinds to fold (1984)
Boys - Racketeers who finance games (1979)
Coffeehouser - One who attempts to mislead by excessive speech or gestures (1979)
Cow - Someone half-staked by another player or by the house (1984)
Crossroader - Someone who travels over the country seeking poker games where he can ply his trade (1979)
Heavy - A big-time mobster (1979)
Hustler - A player who takes advantage of the ignorance of his victims (1967)
Jesse James - A pot stealer, a bluffer (1984)
Needle Artist - One who verbally angers another person, often through sarcasim (1984)
Needler - One who puts another person on tilt (1984)
Philistines - Loan sharks (1979)
Proposition Hustler - Someone who offers betting propositions that appear to be fair on first glance, but are not (1979)
Proposition Player - Someone paid a salary to play, but playing with their own money (1984)
Rounder - A player who making the rounds visiting various poker games, not as negative as Hustler (1979)
Sandbagger - One who check-raises (1984)
School Buddies - A group of players who usually play together ()
Shark (Card) - A keen or crooked professional player (1949)
Sheet Player - One who plays for the house, who is on the sheet of house stakes or cows (1984)
Stake Player - Someone playing with someone else's money, therefore having no personal risk (1984)
Vaca Vaca - Spanish for cow, someone who is half-staked (1984)
Zombie - A player who seems to have no emotions (1991)

Weak Players:

ATM - someone who needs to go back to the ATM for more money (2004)
Automatic - someone who automatically raises every time (2004)
Bear - An extremely tight player (1967)
Bird - An experienced poker player, the target (1979)
Bonus Baby - (2004)
Bulldozer - Player who raises too often (1949)
Bumblepuppy - A weak or careless player, a novice (1949)
Caller - (2004)
Calling Station - Someone who calls other betters too often (2003)
Canary - An experienced poker player, the target (1979)
C-Game Player - Player in a Third class game (1949)
Chicken - A weak player, stingy (1949)
Chippy - An inexpert poker player (1979)
Chopper - Someone who plays briefly in several games, wins and leaves the table (1984)
Chump - A weak player, a sucker (1949)
Circus Tent - A bunch of a horrible players (clowns) at the same table (2004)
Clown - A horrible player (2004)
Cowboy - A fast and reckless gambler (1979)
Crier - One who complains a lot while playing (1984)
Crying Winner - One who complains a lot while winning trying to convince others he is not winning (1984)
Culbertson - A bridge player in a poker game (1949)
Customer - A caller whose chips you expect to win (1949)
Dog - An underdog, someone favored to lose (1992)
Ducks - Fish that swim above water (2004)
Duffer - An elderly or experienced player who's game is weak (1949)
Ear Bender - An excessively talkative player (1979)
Easy Mark - (2004)
Easy Money Guy - Someone who gambles big and blows his winnings (1979)
Elephant - Player who plays too many hands (2003)
Fence Hopper - Someone who comes in cold to a pot (1984)
Fish - A losing caller, a weak player (1949)
Gallery - Those who are watching the game only (1949)
Gambler - (2004)
Gamemaker - (2004)
Gayboy - (2004)
Girl - (2004)
Gooner - (2004)
Goose - A silly player (1949)
Greenhorn - A new player (1949)
Greenie - An experienced poker player, the target (1979)
Grifter - (2004)
Grinder - Someone who plays tighter than he usually does (1984)
Guppy - a little fish (2004)
Hardrock - Extremely tight player (1984)
Hellmuth - because they complain about people drawing for a flush, str8, etc (2004)
Hit and Run Artist - Someone who plays briefly in several games, wins and leaves the table (1984)
Hitchhiker - A fool who calls a large bet (1984)
Holdem Player - someone who plays 7-card stud with a holdem background (2004)
Hollywood - Someone who is overacting, feigning a different hand than they really have (1984)
Horse - To make a silly play whose only virtue is cheapness (1949)
Jackal - Crazy, illogical, and unpredictable player (2003)
Jerk - A hanger-on around gambling joints who runs errands for players (1979)
Jinx - Cursed by bad luck (1949)
Jonah - A player in bad luck. Anyone who brings bad luck (1949)
Keno Player - someone who thinks poker is a game of chance (2004)
Kibitzer - An onlooker, not a player, from the German "kibitz," a species of bird that watches other birds while they build their nests (1949)
Live One - fish, a very loose player, usually one who loses (1984)
Lob - A hanger-on around gambling joints who runs errands for players (1979)
Lobster - One who is prey to crooked gamblers (1949)
Lock 'em up Joe - One who only bets on a cinch hand (1949)
Lollipop - (2004)
Loose Player - A player who gets involved in most pots regardless of whether he holds a weak or strong hand (1979)
Loosey - An extremely loose player (1984)
Loser - A losing player (1984)
Low Man on the Totem Pole - The loser in a showdown (1949)
Lowroller - (2004)
Lugger - A person who transports players to a game, not a steerer (1979)
Mamma's Boy - (2004)
Maniac - Loose aggressive player who raises a lot (2003)
Mark - An experienced poker player, the target (1979)
Money Burner - (2004)
Moneymaker - a shooting star, coming from nowhere, after Chris Moneymaker (2004)
Monkey - An experienced poker player, the target (1979)
Mooch - An experienced poker player, the target (1979)
Mouse - Someone who plays too conservatively (2003)
Mullet - an oily fish that can easily be caught by the dozens with one cast (2004)
Old Man - (2004)
On Tilt - One who plays poorly and irrationally, often because of needling or a bad beat (1984)
Pensioner - (2004)
Pheasant - An experienced poker player, the target (1979)
Phony - A person who pretends to be something they are not (1979)
Pigeon - A very poor player (1984)
Playboy - (2004)
Policeman - same as Sherriff (2004)
POS - Piece of Shit (2004)
Producer - Someone who brings a lot of money to a game and puts it into circulation, allowing many people to win a part of it (1984)
Punk - A small-time character or chiseler, a young novice who hangs around poker games (1979)
Quack - A noisy complaining player when losing (1979)
Quitter - Someone who can't stand the pressure and leaves after losing a big pot (1979)
Rabbit - A greenhorn, a weak player (1949)
Railbird - Someone watching from the rail who is too broke to get into the game (1984)
Retarded Pit Bull - won't let go once he catches the slightest bit of hand (2004)
Retiree - (2004)
Richboy - (2004)
Rock - Extremely tight player, or a player who won't lend any money (1984)
Rock and Roller - (2004)
Rockman - (2004)
Rocky - A very tight player (1984)
Salty - Having poor luck (1984)
Second Fiddle - The player with the second best hand (1949)
SFB - someone who has shit for brains (2004)
Sheriff - Someone who calls others to make sure they aren't bluffing (2003)
Shirley - A timid player, having no gamble (1984)
Shit GG - someone who types this in online games because they lose, and say "shit, good game" (2004)
Sick Friends - Substantial losers (1949)
Slider - Someone who frequently goes all-in (2003)
Soft - (2004)
Soft Touch - (2004)
Speedbump - one who slows down the game (2004)
Speeder - One who plays recklessly and fast (1984)
Speedster - (2004)
Square - Someone playing with no advantage (1984)
Squawker - One who complains about losing (1949)
Steamer - (2004)
Stiff - An unlucky player (1979)
Stoney - A name for a very tight player (1984)
Stranger - A newcomer unknown to other players (1949)
Sucker - A caller with little chance to win, a weak player (1949)
Table Captain - a control freak at the table, telling the dealer what to do (2004)
Tapioca - Tapped out, broke (1984)
Tapped Out - broke, tapped on the shoulder to leave the game, or leave a dance competition (1984)
Tight Ass - Playing very conservatively, showing no gamble (1984)
Tilter - (2004)
Tinhorn - ()
Travel Channel Player - (2004)
Trick - Poor player, from pimp slang (1984)
Trust Fund Baby - (2004)
Unpaid Shill - A player who is the first person to open the game and the last to quit (1979)
Vice President - The player with the second best hand in a showdown (1949)
Weak - (2004)
Weakie - (2004)
Weakster - (2004)
Whitebait - Weak players, those who play only for small stakes (1949)
Wildman - (2004)
Wimp - (2004)
Wuss - (2004)
Z-Game Player - Players in the worst game in the house (1949)

The terms listed above were found primarily in the following sources:
- Secrets of Winning Poker, by Coffin, 1949
- Scarne's Guide to Modern Poker, 1979
- Free Money, by Wiesenberg, 1984
- Poker Strategy and Winning Play, by Livingston, 1991
- Play Poker Like the Pros, by Hellmuth, 2003
- newsgroup discussion in rec.gambling.poker, 2004